10 Drops Magic !!

Massage 10 Drops on forehead

30 min. before Sleep-time

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S A V E Yourself from Harsh Oral Medicines for Sleep Disorders.

One should taper off the Sleeping Pills, under Doctor's Supervision, as and when the SleepDropzZ start working.

Brain is the least understood Body Organ & also is the most complex.

Nature protects our Brain doubly, with a hard skull at the top, and an imaginary, yet magical wall down within, called the Blood Brain Barrier or the BBB.

Any chemical drug that one takes Orally, eventually goes into one's' body blood, but is Not Allowed to get into the Brain, due to this protective BBB wall.

Any infection in the body blood below, CANNOT enter the Brain easily, all due to this protective barrier.

NATURE DOES NOT WANT anything external, to enter the Brain, and mess things up.

All Psychiatric & Psychosomatic drugs, including the Sleeping Pills, ENTER the Brain, using the Trojan Horse Theory -
that is going across the BBB Wall, into the Brain, by fooling the Blood Brain Barrier.

Once such Chemical Drugs enter the Brain, the Drug action that takes place inside, is like shooting into the Dark !! That is how least understood our Brain is.

Taking Sleeping Pills is merely a start.

Its daily shoot into the Dark, creates bigger and cumulatively unknown mental issues - and in its turn, creating the basis for the introduction of even more complex and harmful Drugs into the Brain. These eventually enslave, and create havoc within the Brain, to say the least.

You may overtly perceive such person, to be good and normal, but internally, the Drugs makes a Cabbage out of the Brain.

Since 2007, such Psychiatric & Psychosomatic drugs are aggressively being promoted in India. In the West, such Drugs have enslaved millions since long.

Depression : It is a Serious issue world-wide. Drugs for Depression mean “life imprisonment” with a continuous daily struggle and suffering.

Depression starts with Insomnia.

Sleeping Pills are a First Step towards Depression Drugs.

You Control Insomnia Naturally, & You Would Not Move to Depression, and its highly toxic and Brain Enslaving Drugs.

As in Depression - Stress, Anxiety, Bi-polar Disorder, ADHD etc have Insomnia, as the first and principal symptom, or is resultant outcome. In either of the cases, tackling the same with Chemical Drugs, escalates the situation to the next level, or exacerbates it.

ONLY SleepDropzZ can help you, achieve this.

SleepDropzZ Oil Drops Soothen the Muscles & Nerves, and Calm the Brain, naturally. This Natural relaxation leads to a Deeper & Sounder Sleep and Refreshes every time.